1. Stefania
    April 3, 2017 @ 7:44 AM

    Such a great article that brought me to tears! I too know a few people who are atheist, some in which are family members. In the past I felt like all I did was argue with them, but not anymore. It didnt get me anywhere and If anything, it pulled them further from God. The way we act as Christians is so important! Not only our words but her actions and how we treat people.


  2. Debbie
    April 3, 2017 @ 8:49 AM

    Thank-you Stefania for commenting. Yes, more and more I am realizing the best thing for me to do is to show love. Stand for what I believe in, but not intentionally seek to engage with those I may disagree with. This experience has even caused me to re-examine more closely the comments I make on social media. I am never unkind with my social media posts, but I realize now more than ever that even touting my own views too much may cause unnecessary roadblocks to the very people I am trying to reach. Thanks again for commenting! Your opinion/thoughts add so much!!


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