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I am a female Christian author, popular women’s Christian speaker and Christian journalist who writes for both Christian and secular markets on a wide array of topics.
In these pages you will find articles I’ve written about how I became an instant mother at only 20 years old, when I married a widower 10 years older than me who had 4 small children; of my struggle with obesity and how I once lost – and regained 165 pounds; of my desire to be an authentic Christian in the workplace, of my passion to communicate the importance of God’s word as the foundation for all of life; and my sincere wish to get to know my readers.

What I am hoping you get out of reading my articles, and commenting on this site is a connecting point, a haven, a respite, a place where something you’ve read resonates to the point that you want to leave a comment so that the next visitor might glean something from YOUR wisdom.

You may find lots of better writers with much snazzier websites, but I don’t think you will find many writers like me who share not just the good stuff, but the ugly, hard, under-the-cover stuff, that most people don’t want to talk about.
Through my writing we learn to pull out the cruddiest, smelliest parts of ourselves and lift them to the light of Jesus.
In the ‘For Women’ section you will find articles on marriage, family, step-parenting, grand parenting, relationships, self-esteem, weight, abuse and spiritual growth.
And in the “For Workers’ section you will read about what it takes to be a Christian in today’s marketplace. Please leave a comment or prayer request in this section about the things you deal with on the job.

There’s a ‘Past Articles’ section with the full texts of many of my published works and also a blog where I write about anything that stirs my heart.

And even if you think all this Jesus stuff is a bunch a hogwash, there is a section for you too called ‘For Skeptics’ where you can sound off and find a list of resources to explore. (If you are one of my non-believing friends, or have noticed my news articles on the Elmhurst Patch the ‘For Skeptics’ section might be for you.)
So you see, this isn’t just another writer’s website. It’s a community, a place to share our hearts, to receive balm for our wounded spirits, and to grow.
Because you matter to God and because you do, then you matter to me.
Jesus knit each of us together in our mother’s womb.. (Psalm 139)

He cares for each of us so intimately that He lovingly keeps track of the number of hairs on our head. (Matthew 10:30)

And because the Holy Bible says that Christ orders our steps, and directs our paths, I believe your being here with me at this moment was ordered by God Himself. ( Psalm 37:23, Proverbs 16:9)

So please stay awhile. Check out all the pages, leave as many comments as you’d like and subscribe to this page. It would make my day, and I sure hope it makes yours too.